Simple Media


A division of Get Social Brand, Simple Media is a Vaal-centric mostly-music multi-media presentation of Hip-Hop culture. While we mostly highlight Vaal artists making music, we also profile individuals who are helping shape and build the future of hip-hop on a global scale. Simple Media is dedicated to showcasing the latest and greatest in the industry and providing original, high quality content, supporting Hip-Hop culture in various forms:

The electronic magazine, Simple Ezine, is an urban music and media publication that is geared towards Hip-Hop, Rap and R&B. The magazine offers a unique experience to readers with up-to-date news on the industry, the imprints, music releases, and the people involved.

The radio show, Simple Radio Show, premiers every Saturday afternoon live on African Crest Radio from2PM – 5PM (CAT) – which is then, later, released as a podcast on the official Simple Media Website. Here, you will find live commentary from Luther Lempe & Selinah Seipei on events and news as well as in-depth exclusive interviews with many local and international artists striving for exposure.

The event, Simple Gathering, was created to give local artistes the opportunity to showcase their work to an audience of their peers. Simple Gathering provides a dedicated platform for established & emerging artists to showcase their talent in Music, Fashion, Dance & Arts. Each event takes place on the last Saturday of every month, in the Vaal Region, and features fresh talent and performances from emerging artists, as well as seasoned professionals. In addition to fusing underground Hip-Hop music, and Rap music, with cutting-edge fashion, the showcase aims to bring artists together to share music and talents, network and learn from each other, in order to help build and and uplift the culture of Hip-Hop in the Vaal Region.

The compilation album series, Simple Project, is a Hip-Hop/Ambient/RnB genre compilation featuring some of the finest local, and International Independent artists, as well as record producers from these genres (and all its sub genres) – from around the world. Simple Project is also supported by Simple Media‘s media partners and tour partners including African Crest Radio, African Crest Guest House, Simple Media‘s Parent company, Get Social Brand, and various other enterprises that partner with Get Social Brand every month for the Simple Gathering event.