Our Clients

Below is a list of our some of our delighted clients. Some of these identities have been completely designed by us, while other clients make use of our service offerings.

We work with a wide range of clients from business start-ups to SMEs and SMB’s through to larger companies. Our clients range from Entertainment Companies to Travel Tour Operators, and Individual Clients to Marketing and PR Companies both in the Vaal Region and the rest of the world.

One of our specialist areas is the entertainment sector where we work with a wide range of clients including Internet Radio Stations, Music Labels, Nightclubs, Representation Companies and Restaurants.

Our versatile way of business has helped numerous companies and individuals around the world to achieve their business goals. Although we’re based out of the Vaal Region, Gauteng, our clientele can be found on nearly every corner of the globe – as the power of the internet has allowed us to conduct business with any company, from any country.

Fortunately and unfortunately, many of our clients ask for a non-disclosure agreement before committing their projects to Get Social Brand. That’s understandable. Privacy is a huge concern for Get Social Brand and our clients. With that said, here’s a collection of companies that didn’t mind the public displaying of our relationship.